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It is an electronic archiving system that handles all kinds of paper and electronic documents in all forms.

It is an electronic archiving system that works in the windows environment and is suitable for small and medium businesses. The program deals with all types of electronic documents in all forms as well as using a scanner to convert paper documents to electronic images are maintained in the database of the program.

User Interface

  • Friendly user graphic interface GUI.
  • Simultaneously bilingual [Arabic / English].
  • Keyboard shortcuts that speed up the work.
  • Allows you to Customize user interface.
  • Allows you to Customize reports.
  • User can customize print template designs from within the system.

Application Features

  • Designed to fit the actual reality of your organization's work environment.
  • Usage of a tree classification of documents to simulate shelves, drawers and folders.
  • Useage of privilege system for each document that identifies users who are authorized to view it.
  • Archiving electronic documents such as the text files, PDF, spreadsheets, graphics and other documents formats.
  • Usage of scanner for individual papers or consecutive.
  • Drag and drop files from anywhere on your computer.
  • Search for documents using the document number or the document name.
  • Search for documents using entities.
  • Search for documents using classifications.
  • Search for documents using the search keys.
  • User can customize new fields in design of documents.

Running Environment

  • Microsoft Windows.
  • No special hardware required.
  • MySql database server (included with application).
  • Power failure auto recovery.
  • Easy data backup/restore procedure.
  • Runs on local machine, LAN or WAN.
  • Multi user with different security levels based on rules privileges.

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