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Partner Pharmacies

A program designed to monitor inventory, expiry dates, sales and purchases, health insurance companies and contracted customers and suppliers.

Ready for ZATCA second stage of electronic invoice in KSA

Ready for Drug Track and Trace System (RSD) in KSA

It is specially designed to manage and follow up the pharmacy through detailed follow-up operations of add, exchange, sale, purchase, customers, suppliers, receipts and expenses. The program contains a set of total and detailed reports that ensure full control and control of inventory as well as the balances of customers and suppliers.

User Interface

  • Friendly user graphic interface GUI.
  • Simultaneously bilingual [Arabic / English].
  • Keyboard shortcuts that speed up the work.
  • Allows you to Customize user interface.
  • Allows you to Customize reports.

Application Features

  • Multiple units of the items and determine the price per unit.
  • Stock valuation at any moment with multiple valuation methods
  • Advance warning of expiration dates.
  • Using more than one store with the possibility of transferring the goods between them
  • Follow-up of inventory operations add or exchange.
  • Follow-up customers, suppliers and total account statements and detailed.
  • Logging and tracking customers and insurance companies, contracts and discount rates for groups of items.
  • Easy and simple POS system ensures fast and easy selling.
  • Follow-up all sales for salesmen and cashiers.
  • Sales Profit reports.
  • Items Profit reports.
  • Follow the movements cupboards and banking and Safes Funds.
  • Different payment methods (cash - Creditcards).
  • Integration with accounts system
  • Create accounting entries for both purchases and sales automatically.

Running Environment

  • Microsoft Windows.
  • No special hardware required.
  • MySql database server (included with application).
  • Power failure auto recovery.
  • Easy data backup/restore procedure.
  • Runs on local machine, LAN or WAN.
  • Multi user with different security levels based on rules privileges.

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