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Partner Hotels

Program designed for the management of hotels and apartments and follow-up rooms, reservations, occupancy and departure.

This program allows you to manage bookings, occupancy, departures and room conditions as well as control the prices of the reservation through an attractive graphical interface and easy to use.

User Interface

  • Friendly user graphic interface GUI.
  • Simultaneously bilingual [Arabic / English].
  • Keyboard shortcuts that speed up the work.
  • Allows you to Customize user interface.
  • Allows you to Customize reports.

Application Features

  • Multiple room types (suite - Single room .....).
  • Multiple intervals rent (Day - Month - Year .....).
  • Allow the using of sliced prices for each room.
  • Register bookings for individuals or companies.
  • Change the client's room.
  • A detailed statement of account for the client.
  • Automatic extension of the rooms which did not leave.
  • Multiple cases Rooms (leased - vacant - Maintenance ......).
  • Dealing with contracts of companies and groups.
  • A distinct set of reports (room occupancy report - a report receptionist movements - a statement - a statement of account ...).
  • Hijri and Gregorian dates.

Running Environment

  • Microsoft Windows.
  • No special hardware required.
  • MySql database server (included with application).
  • Power failure auto recovery.
  • Easy data backup/restore procedure.
  • Runs on local machine, LAN or WAN.
  • Multi user with different security levels based on rules privileges.

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