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Partner Clinic

Comprehensive management of clinic accounts including health insurance system.

Ready for ZATCA second stage of electronic invoice in KSA

Partner Clinic is a program that monitors and manages the accounts of dispensaries and private hospitals. As well as financial operations and follow-up insurance system for patients and the accounts of health insurance companies as well as the accounts of private companies contracting.

User Interface

  • Friendly user graphic interface GUI.
  • Simultaneously bilingual [Arabic / English].
  • Keyboard shortcuts that speed up the work.
  • Allows you to Customize user interface.
  • Full customization of reports.
  • Full control over the invoice form design.

Application Features

  • Clinic management system allows multiple clinics, doctors and services.
  • Manage the services provided by the clinics as well as the prices for each individual company or insurance company.
  • Total and detailed reports to follow a doctor, clinic or infirmary.
  • Multiple payment methods (cash, term and credit cards).
  • Follow-up system of insurance companies (prices, discounts, bearing and coverage).
  • UCAF and DCAF forms used in Saudi Arabia
  • Follow up the accounts of private companies.
  • Follow up the accounts of insurance companies.
  • Follow up the accounts of patients and debts, if any.
  • A booking system that tracks and manages the patient's order of entry to the doctor.
  • Includes Partner General Ledger.
  • Integrates with Partner SMS.
  • Hijri and Gregorian dates.

Running Environment

  • Microsoft Windows.
  • No special hardware required.
  • MySql database server (included with application).
  • Power failure auto recovery.
  • Easy data backup/restore procedure.
  • Runs on local machine, LAN or WAN.
  • Multi user with different security levels based on rules privileges.

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